Friday, 5 September 2008

The Gaunt Delusion.

I look forward every week with a kind of perverse pleasure to read what Jon Gaunt has wrote in his column for the Sun Newspaper. A kind of guilty little pleasure. I can always count on good old Gaunt the hero of the working class, the fighter of bureaucratic injustice, the master of reasoned discourse in this spin-doctored to death hyper-mediated, liberal-run, Guardian controlled, BBC biased world.

So what was Gaunt up to this week on the 5th of September? This week he has been writing about Sarah Palin the Republican Vice Presidential nominee.

He begins his column with “Don’t you wish we had politicians like American Republican Sarah Palin instead of the identikit, spineless, amoebas that infest Westminster” Well yes if it means embracing an ex beauty queen, a creationist supporting, bible believing religious wing nut who asks her church to pray for multi million dollar pipeline for drilling oil. A global warming denier, who has no concern for the wildlife or natural beauty of Alaska in her pursuit of letting oil companies rape the land. A member of the NRA, who has Publicly stated that she would not support her own daughter to have an abortion even if she was raped. Oh did I also mention she under investigation for misuse of office. She has only two years of experience as a Governor and no foreign policy experience or any valid experience for the role of VP.

He then goes on to say “this woman has more balls than most British male MP’s” except she doesn’t. Ok I’m being too “literal” here so what’s this meant to mean, that it does not matter how idiotic or ignorant you are as long as your not a liberal, wail, and make up for ignorance with pugnacity then fine. Palin says it best herself, “a pit-bull with lipstick”

“a Feminist dream” Gaunt writes. Most feminists or anyone wanting to see the advancement of women would be aghast at this woman holding office. In fact her selection is nothing more than a cynical ploy by McCain to win over Hilary supporters and seduce the Christian right. This is a insult to women, who are expected to vote for someone just because they have a uterus. Palin is positively anti-woman. She opposes abortion, sex education and wants abstinence only taught in schools. I cannot stop myself from pointing out that this policy has failed miserably with her own daughter. Sex education and contraception are essential to a well functioning civil society and are central to the emancipation of women.

He then says Palins the “real thing” as opposed to Obama. What does that mean? I have no idea, Maybe cause she's small town, not a liberal or intellectual, a kind of person “you could have a drink with”. or is it because Obama’s black?

He writes off criticisms by writing this “the opposition are trying to undermine the messiah by criticising Palin’s daughter for getting pregnant and Sarah for wanting to keep it quite.”

This is incidental, its needs to be pointed that the Christian Right frequently paint themselves as great moralisers and role models for everyone else. Time and again they are unable to keep their house in order. The problem with Palin is that if McCain wins she is a heatbeat away from having control of the Nuclear button. Its been well documented the demented eschatology that Fundamentalist Christians subscribe to (Regan conducting briefings on the middle east as it conforms to biblical prophecy.) in the end though this is not about Religion its about competency. She has no experience for the role. All she is is a personality cult.

It also has to be said why is Gaunt so interested in American Politics? This is someone who constantly harps on about Britain and England and shows a disinterest and inwardness in his columns time and time again.

Could be something to do with the fact the paper is owned by Murdoch, a former Australian now American Citizen who exerts more control on the minds of working class Britain than any British politician.

Is Gaunt Mad? is he serious? or is he a fraud? or maybe he does not know any better?



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