Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Guant Watch.

Here is some more from Jon Gaunt, Columnist at the Sun Newspaper who has a spot on Talksport radio.

Its not even arguments or even a reasoned opinion its just one big pile of garbage that is written in such a way as to appeal to ones lowest dominators, Fear, outrage, disgust, racism etc.

Well anyway.

Radio GAGA

Guant has another umpteenth go at the BBC, one perhaps thinks that the Sun has a kind of numbers policy with the BBC. Ie slip in a certain number of anti -BBC bias a week. Guant picks the easy target of Chris Moyles about how much he gets paid and what he is doing in LA. Rather than pointing out the actual value of the BBC ill simply point out 1. The Sun is owed by Newscorp a multi national news and entertainment conglomerate. Headed up by Rupert Murdoch a right wing Australian now a US Citizen. One wonders really the Britishness of Britain’s most “loved” paper being owed by a yankee. 2 One wonders if a little professional envy is going on as well as Guant’s more successful radio DJ

Sex Ed at Six is Sordid,

Guant makes a lot of heavy weather on this one. The title of the piece (the above) is of course emotionally charged and very misleading to the point of lies. It concerns a FPA (family planning association) leaflet aimed at six years olds which names all the different body parts and covers topics such as love and partnership. It is not an explicit sexual how to guide for six year olds on the pleasures of fellatio and cunnilingus. But Guant says “the sexual and social engineers reckon it’s a good idea for kids as young as this to see illustrations of naked girls and boys and then for them to be taught the real and explicit names for their genitals”

Gosh, Golly and Gee mom, well that’s going to turn them all out to be queers and prostitutes. If anything good, honest and rational sex education is a must for a civil society. Britain has a well noted abysmal rate of teen pregnancy, STD and underage sex in the developed world a marked contrast to Europe which is more open with its sex education.

Guant offers up little else except “banging on” about how much of our tax goes to the FPA. You needed wonder saying that it performs a public service or a necessary social role. He believes that its Parents that should teach their children period. Well yes if the parent is able to provide all the information that enables to the child/adolescent to cope with and respond to the jungle that is modern life. Unfortunately most parents are not up to the task in the same way they are not up to the task of teaching English or French or Mathematics. The other week Gaunt give a ringing endorsement for Sarah Palin, her bizarre Christian ethics did little good with her children her daughter is now a unmarried pregnant teen. Least this be a soft target, Alaska has one of the worst STD and teen pregnancy rates in the USA. I’m sure this would give Guant a cheer.

Guant finishes with a cute story about how one of his children asked him “what does gay mean” Guant charmingly replies that it is to love another man. Fair enough but one wonders what would his reaction be if one of his own kids said they were gay?


Michael Faulkner.

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