Friday, 7 November 2008

Obama Victory

I’m glad to see Barack Obama win the US Presidential Election after two long, hard years of campaigning. The use of the word “glad” might seem underpowered compared to what many are calling an extraordinary historical and political event. A true blue Zeitgeist shifting moment. Though this may be true I would have been prepared to vote Democrat to simply keep out McCain and the republican party (I feel I don’t have to replay the endless objections that could be listed) Obama is of course black, he is also articulate, eloquent and photogenic. These are not reasons for electing someone president never mind granting someone a job. And there has been much debate about the experience of Obama and his ability to tackle both the economic crisis and challenging the many foreign policy issues.

I’m looking forward though to how he performs in his Presidency come January. There are already indications that he will attempt to forge a cross party consensus by staffing Republicans in his cabinet. This is surely a wise move. He is also at this minute holding meeting as to how to implement his economic recovery policy before taking a well deserved holiday.

Anyone who has read even a small selection from this blog will know that I frequently blog on religious issues and their deleterious effects on politics and society. For me there is some hope in an Obama presidency turning round Americas slide into an ignorant, bellicose, intolerant theocracy. Though he will hardly be known as a great reformer it’s hard to imagine that it could get any worse after eight years of Bush. Here is a short segment from a long speech Obama gave, it would have been impossible to imagine Bush or McCain say anything remotely like this. Obama may indeed be a candle for these dark times and a guiding light for the American Future.

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