Thursday, 10 July 2008

Catholic Absurdity


By Richard Dawkins

Readers of yesterday's thread "It's a Goddamned Cracker" will be aware of somebody called Bill Donohue, whose grasp of reality is so poor that he can't tell the difference between a wafer and Jesus. The shrieking hysteria of Donohue and other Roman Catholics over the temporary removal of a communion wafer from a church service epitomises all that is ridiculous in the religious mind.

Today's development is that Donohue is now inciting a witch-hunt against PZ, and is trying to whip up Roman Catholics to write to the President of the University of Minnesota, urging him to sack PZ. We need a massive counter flood of letters in support of PZ Myers. Please write, bearing in mind PZ's two requests:-

1. Please use your own name, not a pseudonym
2. Please take care to write in a good, literate, adult style, in order to increase the contrast between the letters of support and the incoherent, juvenile flaming that will doubtless characterise the letters from the Catholics.

For details of the address to write to, see Pharyngula, here (or PZ's post below)

Please rally round and show support for PZ, in the face of this hysterical latter-day Grand Inquisitor.

Thank you



Here is the post that started it.


I urge everyone to write in support.

send you email here

Here is my email of support.

I wish to convey my support for PZ Myers over the controversy regarding the catholic cracker incident. I sincerely wish not to see any kind of formal disciplinary procedures enacted against PZ for something so trivial as threatening to abuse a cracker.

Ill not bother to list the misery that the Catholic church and Catholics have perpetrated over two millennia on the back of irrational dogmas. Academic freedom and the right to criticize without fear of being oppressed should be a cornerstone of any democracy and academic establishment.

I trust you will not give in to catholic rabble rousers with nothing better to do than attempt to get a distinguished biology professor fired for the insane idea that a wafer is the actual body of Christ.


Michael Faulkner.

Comber, County Down, Northern Ireland.

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