Thursday, 12 June 2008

Why I am a Feminist part 2.

I never thought I would start this blog by proclaiming myself a Feminist. Let me qualify this pronouncement. I would describe myself as a Equity Feminist. Which is to say I fully support the same legal and civil rights for women under any circumstances without any provisos. I am not however a Gender Feminist with whom I would have a serious quarrel with.
I write this because the other day I discovered a blog which although not explicitly stated that a woman a self described feminist and by the look and sound of it a gender feminist is bringing her young son up with some very bad ideas.
Humans are not a blank slates. Children are not asexual. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that men and women’s mind are wired differently. That they can think and feel differently to each other. That they are endowed with behaviour traits. Although the mother was primarily annoyed with men and women telling her son not to cry or play with girls toys-(which is perfectly acceptable) I attacked the underlying and false assumption that masculine and feminine behaviours is purely socialised. My posts were blocked although one did get through. To my surprise though the blog actually states that it blocks users who do not proclaim themselves either mothers or feminists. Well I don’t have a uterus but I can do the latter. Sounds a little gynecentric to me don’t you think? I posted another blog saying we don’t need to lie to ourselves to bring up our children while teaching them right from wrong or filling their heads was nonsense.
I wonder with my pronouncement will she let me post away?
Here is the link.

I have posted this to her as it has to go through the writers approval before being posted.

Hello again, I don’t want to sound like a troll. I have started my own blog and have wrote about your blog on it, on my blog I have declared myself a Feminist. So am I now able to post on your blog? Or because I have penis am I somehow excluded?"

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